kanvasroom.com is a website that makes collaboration easy and efficient between creative professionals and their clients. Through Kanvasroom, users can connect with other creative professionals, showcase their work and access workflow tools. 


Being that the majority of today’s work is both outsourced and done from remote locations, Kanvasroom has come to be a necessary tool for both companies and creative professionals. 

For example, a Hollywood movie producer might need a animation designer to create on screen graphics for his film. Using kanvasroom.com, the film producer can find the perfect animation studio to work with. After connecting with the studio, Kanvasroom allows both teams to message, brainstorm, sketch, video 

conference, share large secure files, create calendars and timelines, and track the progress of the project. Once the project is ready the producers can use Kanvasroom to pay the animation studio and as well create an entire visual presentation of the final project. 


The campaign seeks to empower creatives. To bring in more users, Kanvasroom will make creatives feel valued and important to society.  

Often times, people look at creatives as failures for choosing artistic careers as a profession. So too, our social media campaign looks to show the valuable and significant impact creatives have on society.

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