Social media campaign to encourage Jewish students to stand together with other minority communities at the @MARCH FOR RACIAL JUSTICE in New York, Boston, Chicago, and elsewhere.


We as young Jewish leaders and activists recognize that we are living in an age unlike any that has come before. Fascists are marching in the streets. Racial and religious groups are being singled out by our government. The radical, hate-filled ideology that brought so much darkness to the 20th century is once more rearing its ugly head.


Our experiences as members of an American minority and our observations of how other traditionally marginalized groups experience life in contemporary America have shown us that we exist in a society built on multiple interconnected systems of oppression that shape our language, our thought and, ultimately, our actions. We understand modern racism in the United States is not confined to the White House; it is in our homes, our universities and in every segment of society.


For generations, the Jewish community has stood with our allies and marched, sat-in, walked-out, blocked bridges, protested and educated our shared society about these issues in a struggle to transform the policies that produce injustice. 


We continue their legacy and stand in full solidarity with the organizers of the March for Racial Justice on September 30th and October 1st. We, the Jewish youth community, join the March for Racial Justice on in the sister marches around the world and say to our fellow Jewish youth and the global community.

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 100 students represented the Jewish community and students in full solidarity with the organizers of the March for Racial Justice.




Posts shared in 5 countries including Mexico, Chile, UK, and Israel.

10 articles were published on different platforms. Including JTA, New Voices, Times of Israel and Jerusalem Post. AMUJS advisory board member was interviewed by i24 News Israel.



Won Campaign of the Year Award. 

Awarded by The World Union of Jewish Students to the union or group of students who created the best political or social campaign.